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Franchise Application Form

  1. I / We certify that all the information given above and in the preceding pages signed by me / us is / are complete and correct.
  2. I / We declare that the institute will abide by all the rules and directions of Aashadeep Group of Educations given time to time.
  3. I / We declare that I / We am / are authorized to sign on behalf of my organization and that my directors and shareholders / members (where relevant) are in total agreement of my / our application.
  4. In case of any information furnished by me / us is found wrong or incomplete, I / We declare that the institute may be derecognized and is also open to any action as per law.
  5. I /We hereby declare that I provide only the genuine information of student to head office, in case I provide any fake detail regarding students (Especially like date of birts, Eligibility qualification, Attendance record of students), The age shall be free to withdraw the study center recognition.
  6. I / We hereby undertake that if it is ever found that the Institution is not able to run as per the norms, rules and procedures laid down by BCCEI , the AGE shall be free to withdraw the STUDY CENTRES recognition.
  7. I / We shall verify all the original documents of the students and certify that the students registered at my / our STUDY CENTRES for BCCEI programs are eligible in all respect as.